Carsten Schröder studied law at the University of Bochum and has been working as a lawyer since 1998.

Carsten Schröder specialized in private construction and real estate law. His work focuses on providing practical advice to construction companies, which he represents at all stages of court and arbitration proceedings. A special focus of his work is on advising medium-sized to large construction- and commercial construction projects in building construction and civil engineering for individual trades during the construction process as well as in special purpose entities, which are often founded for construction projects in Germany (so-called "ARGE", an all-purpose construction partnership).

Carsten Schroeder also advises and assists his customers in procurement issues and procedures. In addition, he has extensive experience in real estate transactions, particularly in the field of shaft mining.

He was a founding partner and co-founder of the law firm Peters Rechtsanwälte, for which he was head of the real estate and construction law department. Together with lawyer Jan Fischer he founded the law firm Schröder Fischer Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH in 2008.

Carsten Schröder is co-author and co-editor of the commentary "Der ARGE-Vertrag" (Werner-Verlag). He holds regular lectures, seminars and training courses on building law issues. He also works as a referee.

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